Daniel Craig To The MCU?

Months ago before the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hit the big screen Daniel Craig been humored to a cameo as Balder, although judging from the actor’s reaction to his previous multiple interviews, it truly is impossible to tell how realistic that idea was.

After months speculations, a break being revealed and fans are going crazy when a green screen photo was shared in the internet showing a scene in which Wanda Maximoff kills the Illuminati, with Elizabeth Olsen standing near the green screen including Balder the Brave, who appears to be dying with a sword in his hand. This shows how fans rely love to see Daniel being a part of MCU.

Photo link: cbcyt.com

Daniel is supposed to appear in the movie as Balder the Brave, One of the Norse gods of Asgard, Balder is the half brother of Thor, companion to the Warriors Three, and a loyal follower and son of Odin, ruler of the gods.


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