Trigun New Anime Adaptaion

Vash the Stampede, the quick-witted gunslinger of the classic anime and manga Trigun, $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head is back and cuter than ever in studio Orange’s reinvention of the classic sci-fi Western, Trigun Stampede. The new Vash brings fresh life to a decades-old character, as he returns to us vivacious as ever and ready to capture our hearts as one of 2023’s most memorable anime cuties.

Vash is also known as The Humanoid Typhoon due to the destruction and chaos that often surrounds him. Wielding a huge nickel revolver, he travels from town to town to learn more and protect what his adoptive mother, Rem, treasured most: love and peace. He is initially discovered by Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, two Bernardelli Insurance Society representatives investigating claims made due to damages caused by the mysterious Humanoid Typhoon.



The latest trailer for the series previews more of what to expect from the prequel anime, including some of its unique animation style and the story that’s set to unfold. Late in the trailer, the theme song “TOMBI,” performed by rapper and singer-songwriter Kvi Baba, can be heard, as can “Hoshi no Kuza α,” which is set to be the end theme of the anime, and is performed by singer Salyu and composer Haruka Nakamura.



Trigun Stampede Trailer Reveals Release Date

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