The Legend of Takara (Android/IOS)



★★★Game Features★★★

【High-quality Japanese aesthetics character】
Top Japanese voice actors delivered a stunningly convincing performance for the spirits. On top of that, every character would be shown in Live 2D. You can choose these cutest Japanese Character portraits from Lolita、Royal Sister to cute pets, whatever you like is all here.

【Immersive Main Story】
Million words built up the whole storyline with rich content, in this fascinating and immersive fantasy world which five cramps coexist, you’re going to find out the ancient legends with your three First partners, and take responsibility for the future of Takara. Your every choice is going to make yourself a whole new adventure story.

【Real-time Strategy Battles In Your Hand】
45 heroes、Five Camps combine freely, thousands kinds of card strategies could be combined by: Team Position、Camp、Skill、Ultimate、Bond、Exclusive Weapon、Draconic Magic…… Different kinds of sects are waiting for you to discover, come and build your strongest team!

【Build Your Team With Friends】
Build a team with multiplayer for Season Rank, 15 main heroes cooperate to clear missions. You are going to strategize with your friends. Start your journey on the land of Takara, target and fight for the highest honor on this land.

【Five camps Heroes Starts Attack】

“Aider Polis” keeps justice, “Dendro Dawn” with original wild nature, abandoned island “Hitotsuki”, “Audan” up in the sky, and fallen abyss “Archerg”. Five camps combined by people、beast clan、ogre clan、Dragon Spirit and Serpent Deity, they are raging like a storm and ready to go.

★★★Story Background★★★

In ancient times, the war between the two supreme Gods caused the world to collapse, Goddess Ximan exhausted her divine power to protect Takara land.

Thousand years passed, Takara has extended unique geographical features and special nation culture, no matter where you are in Takara, if you look up, the sky you see will be a blessing from Goddess.

Until a meteor falls with flam, it breaks the enchantment that has protected Takara for thousand years. The adventure nation that the meteor fell on is no longer being protected by The Goddess, an ancient and mysterious power has awakened, Takara is going to face a new challenge, convene all heroes from five cramps, ready to start the first sense of this grand adventure story!


★Game content involved violent and revealing clothes, not suitable for children under the age of twelve.

★The Legend of Takara is free to download and play, however, some virtual game coins and items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use these features, please disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings.

★Please notice your game time, and avoid gaming addiction. Long time playing might cause an effect on your regular daily routine, moderate relaxation and exercise are recommended.



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»Game Information«

Game Version: 0.9.22 (Dec 13, 2022)
System Required: Android 7.0 and up
App size: 172 MB

Game Version: N/A
System Required: N/A
App size: N/A

Game Link/Download
Date Released:
Developers: LuLuDu Tech Co., Ltd.
Game website:
Play Store Link:
Apple Store Link: N/A
Tap Tap Store Link: N/A


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