February 2023 Awaken Demon Coupon Codes (Android/IOS)



After the Epic War between Demon and Angel, great changes had occurred in the devildom.

A lot of demons have been sealed.

Thousand years later,the Demon Lord woke up,and the eternal war is about to begin…

-Endless Challenges-

Auto AFK. Day or Night, the challenge never ends!

Explore the mysterious world, lead the devil to challenge campaign stages,obtain resources and conquer the devildom with wisdom!

-Merge Powerful Demon-

Tank,Priest,Physic,Spell—— Over 60 demons with hundreds of skills

Upgrade,Awakening,Merge—— Witness the growth of your demons!

Explore the World & Fight Against BOSS

The powerful enemy in the legendary Magicka Valley & Chaos Castle

Defeat them to get massive resources and ability gems

-Rebirth From the Fire, Strengthening Your Soul-

Use rebirth to obtain massive soul rewards, absorb the power of the soul, strengthen your devil, and become stronger!

Competitive Duel & More Than Casual

Powerful and respectable opponents are also in the devildom

Lead your demon troop to fight in the arena, and win the crown of glory!

-Get Stronger During Offline-

You can go offline and rest after encountering difficult stages or rebirth

Your troops will continue to fight in the devildom, and you can also get rich offline rewards when you enter the game.


►Featured Games, are game recommendations, Featured will be tested for an hour up to 3 days however, there are games that are very fun and entertaining that make me play longer. Featured game will be followed by the following videos;
*First Top-up, a minimum recharge, finding out how much will be the minimum recharge what will be the rewards for minimum recharge, best deals, and mistakes;
*Gift/Coupon/Redemption Codes presentation of available codes for the game;
*First Multiple Summon, after saving up some resources and in-game currencies I will summoning/unboxing (Gacha) for hero, gears or resources; and
►Random Game, is any recommended game that is available on mobile phones.
►Offline Games, are any mobile game that doesn’t require an internet connection.
►Code Updates are the main content of this channel, updates are the presentation of the most recent and available code for the games presented in this channel.
►How to use codes, are the instruction on how to use the code.
►Team Build-up is the presentation of advisable team for a certain play.
►Game Features are presentations of the notable feature of a certain game.
►Premier are the 1 to 3 hours of Gameplay of any game
►Top Games are the ranking of the previously presented games, Top upcoming games or Top games by its genre. This may top ten or top 5 for every month.

֍Game Information֍
Game Version: 1.9.001 (January 14, 2022)
System Required: Android 4.1 and up
App size: 56M

Game Version: N/A
System Required: N/A
App size: N/A

Game Link/Download:
Developers: KYoo Games
Game website: N/A
Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.awakend.kyooglo&hl=en&gl=US
Apple Store Link: N/A
Tap Tap Store Link: N/A

»New Codes«
These codes has time validity, hurry up and try them into the game before they got expired.

» No new codes as of December 18, 2022.

These codes has a longer validity or has no verified expiration.

 demongift

Fell free to try these expired codes.

» No confirmed expired codes as of December 18, 2022.

*Some codes/coupons/gifts/redeem codes will expire* (check the updated videos for latest codes)
*Some codes are character and case sensitive so make sure enter the right code to avoid errors.
*Some codes may be available only in a specific region or server.
*Game scenario may defer according to game update and versions*
*In-game purchase may defer according to game update, versions, taxation, and currency exchange*
*Not all codes are available on a single website or social media site, but mostly codes are available on their official social media site or official website however there are games that have no website or social media page, searching and validating is the best way to make sure codes are still working, moreover most codes has a validity period and to make sure that the code is working is by testing them.


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How to redeem codes?

Hello gamers, this is codex the owner of youtube channel gamecode master. This blogsite is still in development im slowly improve this and update the content.

Here is my youtube channel you can check videos, I post videos about New Games, Top upcoming game, Top Mobile game, Gameplays, Fist Top-up Benefits, Summons, Gift Codes and more.

If some codes got expired, please inform me in the comment section, or leave a reaction and recommendation.

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